NMD or Nubar Media Design is a client-centric service which captures beautiful photography and develops stunning digital images for use in the Real Estate, Architecture, and Design Industries.

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Hi, my name is Nubar and I am a working creative. I received my bachelors degree in architecture from an accredited university in Burbank California in 2016. I have had the pleasure of aquiring years of experience in the field of design, things like sketching, modeling, rendering, and photography are some of the most important tools for my process of creative visualization and development. My background and experience gives me the awareness to visualize a composition before assembling it. In relation to real estate photography, the awareness of design and composition gives me the ability to find and capture an image which expresses as closely as possible the architects initial intent in the design of the space.

With a passion for understanding composition, mood, movement, purpose, and overall design intent, I am capable of taking beautiful photographs for your needs. Whether you are a real estate agent looking for a professional photography package to sell your next property, or if you are a model, an artist, or any professional that is seeking portraits, remember that NMD Photography can help.

We offer competitive pricing and strive to make lasting relationships with our clients. Our number one priority is always to deliver the best quality work from the simplest projects to the most complex. Please contact us today with any questions or requests. If you are a real estate agent interested in pricing then please see our “Services” tab.

Thanks for checking out NMD, we hope to work together in the future and help bring you what you need.